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  • Normal small bowel function is in the form of peristalsis, regular wave-like contractions of the smooth muscle within the wall of the bowel. Digested food materials (chyme) move through the small bowel, where intestinal villi absorb nutrients. These raw materials enter the bloodstream and are distributed throughout the body for growth and maintenance.
  • Ileus is a temporary reduction or cessation of peristalsis, allowing fluid, chyme, and gases to accumulate. It is characterized by abdominal distension and discomfort; on x-ray, distended bowel loops with air/fluid levels can be seen. Bowel sounds are reduced or absent, and gas and stool are not passed.
  • Ileus is a common sequela of abdominal or pelvic surgery, lasting hours to days. Symptoms are relieved by nasogastric suction to reduce pressure.