If at any time you encounter an issue with one of our services/products, this section should help solve most of the problems that you have. If you are still unable to resolve the issue, please contact us.

Firewall and virus protection software can often prevent e-mail attachments from being viewed or downloaded. Please have your IT person look into allowing JPEG attachments to be viewed through your firewall or antivirus software.
We prepare all drafts in a manner which can be easily modified in case of changes. Once the drafts are approved, we will finalize the exhibits by adding greater detail, 3 dimensionality, and lighting effects.
Some email programs will automatically embed images into the actual email. If you are not able to save the attachments to your desktop, click on each image separately and right-click on the image. When a menu appears, select “Save Target As…” and save each image individually to your desktop.
Yes. Your animation is created as a quicktime movie, which is compatible with both Powerpoint and TrialDirector.
Once your animation is completed, a download link will be sent to you via e-mail. We also offer the ability to send a direct download link from our DropBox account in cases involving large files not suitable for emailing. As company policy, we place your completed animation on a CD or DVD and send it to you for use in your trial.
All exhibits are shipped in special shipping cases via Fed Ex. You will receive an e-mail notification from Fed Ex when the shipping ticket has been created. This will have a tracking number. If you have not received the package, please use that tracking number at www.fedex.com. Also, call us immediately (800-747-9782) so that we can be sure to follow-up on our end. In the rare event that the package is lost, we can re-print and re-ship for the following day, if we know by mid-afternoon. If you need the materials on the day they were originally expected, we can send a file to your local Kinko’s, and/or send you a high-resolution file for electronic use or printing on your own equipment.
In the rare event that this occurs, call us immediately so we can re-print and re-ship for the following day. If you need the materials on the day they were originally expected, we can send a file to your local Kinko’s, and/or send you a high-resolution file for electronic use or printing on your own equipment.
We will make every effort to meet your needs. You need to be aware, however, that Fed Ex cannot always comply with our requests; Saturday and courthouse deliveries require that someone be present to accept the package. If the package is to be sent to your office, someone must be there to unlock the door. Saturday residential delivery may not be available in all locations. In some locations, it may be better to have Fed Ex hold the package at the airport or local distribution center, and you can send someone to pick it up.
Every proposal will be different, but the materials will frequently include relevant records and/or a chronology, films, reports, depositions or summaries from the defendant and/or defendant’s experts.
Proposals are prepared within about 5 days – sooner if the trial date is coming up quickly and occasionally longer if the trial is several months off. If you feel a sense of urgency, please contact us and the proposal will be prepared promptly.
No charge. We feel that the proposal is the best way for you to see what can be done for your case, and that it is worth our effort to prepare that document for you, whether or not you decide to proceed with exhibit production. We simply require that you not share the proposal with anyone not actively associated with the case.
1. Mail – 4424 Springfield Road Suite #103 Glen Allen, VA 23060 2. Fax – 804-965-0619 3. E-mail us
A number of insurers have requested that they be billed directly, after the attorney has decided which exhibits will be needed. Others prefer that the law firm be billed. After a proposal is accepted, an invoice for 80% of the cost of each selected exhibit is sent to the appropriate party. This covers draft preparation, the most time-intensive portion of exhibit development. After the drafts are approved and the exhibits are completed and shipped, the final invoice is prepared. If a case settles prior to completion of the exhibits, work on the case is stopped, the costs are prorated, and copies of the materials completed to date are provided for your records. We do not currently accept credit cards.
Yes. Exhibits can be provided in pdf, jpg, tif, gif or most any other graphics format. They can be placed into PowerPoint, TrialDirector or other trial presentation software. Animation/interactive files can be played on any computer after downloading software players (Flash, Quicktime, RealPlayer, etc.); instructions are provided when the product is delivered to you, either by e-mail, CD or DVD.